Sunday, August 1, 2010

Time for a Break!

The "stuff" in our lives can sometimes get us down...take the time to enjoy the simple things. Go for a walk in the park, just sit outside and enjoy the wonderful world that God has given us. Listen to the birds...remember that God knows when the sparrow falls, just think about how much He cares for you!
These past few days in Scotland have been a refreshing time for me. Getting to see my daughter again and knowing that we will be going home in just a few days is exciting and a little apprehensive. But I know that God has a plan!

If you ever have the opportunity to visit Scotland, do it! It is a wonderful place full of history and beauty! The rivers, the highlands, the flowers and birds all reflect God's creations.

I hear that it is 100 degrees in Edmond and the forecast is the same for next week. Hopefully, my body won't go into shock or melt when I get home!

Check out my pictures on Facebook of my Scotland trip. Such fun!
Remember take time to play!

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