Friday, February 24, 2012

Attitude - How's yours today?
Our motivations and actions are affected by our attitude. Expectations are a big factor in developing a "can-do" attitude. Be realistic about what you can expect from your self and others.
Tips to remember:
**Pay attention to your health. Healthy eating habits, regular medical checkups,exercise, and getting enough sleep.
**Be aware of what's important to you. What are your goals and values?
**Attitude can influence your choices and outcomes. Take ownership of what you have control over.
**Practice stress relief activities.
**Get involved in a weekly activity that has nothing to do with your family or job. Get out and play and have fun!
**Plan and manage your time. Keep you important and positive life choices in mind and stay consistent in your values.

From the book - 50 Wonderful Ways to be a Single Parent Family, Barry Ginsberg PhD.

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