Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Impulse Expert Kit

In my therapy practice I have been working with kids that have impulse control issues. I came up with the idea to make an "Impulse Control Kit" Here is what you will need ...

 1. Small tote (school box) 2. Robot Mask "programmed for good choices" (can be decorated)
3. Compass "Decision Finder"
4. Miniature Tiger "to be brave"
5. Stop Sign "STOP, THINK, DECIDE"
6. Emoji Ball "Stress Reducer"

 I read the book "What Were You Thinking?" and then talked about ways to make the kit. Let the child make the box with you and be creative! most items I purchased at Michael's. Send me pictures of your kits! I would love to see them.

 Lea May, LMFT, RPT Instilling Hope LLC Oklahoma City, OK

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